August 20, 2018 Tomato Soup | Indian Veg Recipe

Tomato Soup | Indian Veg Recipe

Tomato soup is popular in all Indian restaurants. Tomato soup is a  made with tomatoes as the primary ingredients. It is served hot in a bowl, and it can be made by verity of  ways. It is smooth in texture.


  • 4 Large Tomatos
  • 1/2 tablespoon finely chopped garlic
  • 1 small onion finely chopped
  • Indian bay leaf
  • 1 tablepoon corn flour
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon cream
  • 1/2 table spoon sugar
  • 2 slice of bread
  • Salt
  • Black pepper powder

How to make Tomato soup

  1. Rinse the tomato in water and keep it aside.
  2. Take 5 or 6 cup water in a saucepan.
  3. Add one tablespoon salt to the water.
  4. Add the tomato and switch off the fire.
  5. Close the saucepan with the lid.
  6. let tomato immersed with hot water for 20 minutes.
  7. Remove the water and let tomato become cool.
  8. Once the tomato become cool the peel the outer part of tomato, Remove the eye part of the tomato.
  9. Then grind the tomato, and keep it aside.
  10. Heat the pan and place the bread in the pan with the low flame toast the bread till it become crispy from both the side. After toasted the bread Slice into the cube.
  11. Melt butter in a pan and add bay leaf saute for 2-3 second.
  12. Add chopped garlic and saute for few second.
  13. Add chopped onion and saute.
  14.  Add grinned tomato, water, salt and pepper powder stir it well.
  15. At the low flame let the soup become genital boil.
  16. Take one tablespoon corn flour and mix with two tablespoon of water. Add this mixture to the soup.
  17. Stir well the soup in a low flame till the tomato soup thickens.
  18. Now add sugar and cream and simmer for 4-5 minutes.
  19. At-last add toasted bread and serve in a bowl.

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