June 6, 2017 pahadi chicken

Pahadi Chicken | Himachali stir fried chicken | Chicken recipes

The Pahadi Chicken is simple delicious stir fried chicken, very famous in Himachali cuisine.Try out this flavor full recipe at your home.


  • chicken(1 kg ,cut into pieces)
  • mint leaves (1 cup, broken)
  • coriander (1 cup, broken)
  • green chillies (1 Tbsp, chopped or to taste)
  • garlic paste (1 tsp )
  • ginger paste (1 tsp )
  • salt or to taste (1 1/2 tsp )
  • black pepper (1 tsp, powdered )
  • garam masala (1 tsp )
  • oil (2 Tbsp )
  • cumin seeds (1 tsp )

Pahadi Chicken Process:

  1. With a grinder, grind coriander leaves, mint,  garlic, and ginger altogether.
  2. Make slashes on the chicken pieces with a fork.
  3. Add ground paste, mix it well and marinate for 3-4 hours or for a better result more.
  4. Now in a pan, depending on the quantity of the chicken heat oil and add the cumin seeds.
  5. Cumin seeds will start crackle then add chicken along with the marinade and stir-fry over a high flame and cover it with a lid.
  6. When the chicken changes color, lower the heat and remove the lead, stirring off and on, till cooked well.
  7. The dish is ready.Serve hot.

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