April 21, 2018 Nannari Sherbet

Nannari Sherbet | Kerala Summer Beverage Recipe

Nannari Sherbet is a refreshing summer beverage. It is a healthy drink and has cooling properties. The best drink to beat the scorching summer heat.


Nannari roots or Sugandhi – 250 gms

Water – 2 lts

Sugar – 1 kg

Citric Acid – large pinch

Lemon Juice – as required

Ice cubes – as required

How to prepare Nannari Sherbet:

  1. Pound the washed Nannari roots.
  2. Do not use the central white portion of the roots.
  3. Use the outer dark portion of the roots and dry it under the sun for a day.
  4. Soak these roots overnight in 2 litres of water.
  5. Next morning, boil the roots along with the soaked water till it reduces to half and strains the liquid.
  6. To this add 1 kg sugar and boil it till it turns slightly thick and sticky make sure you do not over boil it.
  7. Let it cool completely and store in a clean bottle.
  8. To preserve the syrup, add a pinch of citric acid and mix.
  9.  To make the drink, pour 3 heaped tablespoons of the Nannari syrup into a glass
  10. To this add 1 1/2 tbs of lemon juice and chilled water add ice cubes.
  11. Serve chilled and enjoy the drink

This is a wonderful drink to keep you cool all the way in this summer.

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