June 8, 2017 mysore pak

Mysore Pak | Karnataka Recipe | Indian Cuisine Sweet

Mysore Pak is the dessert of Karnataka cuisine, prepared especially during festivals.


  •  sugar (1 cup)
  •  water (1 cup)
  • chick-pea flour (1 cup )
  • ghee (2 cups)

Mysore Pak Process:

  1. Make the besan ready.
  2. Now dissolve the sugar in the water over little heat and once it dissolves completely, increases the flame, bring to a boil and cook till it reduced by one-third consistency.
  3. Time to add 1 tablespoon of besan and stir to mix well. Keep on adding and mixing till all the besan is added, a tablespoon at a time.
  4. While mixing add the ghee, one tablespoon each time till all of it is used.
  5. The color will become brown and crumbly.
  6. Set this entire mixture on a thali, patting to level.
  7. Do not remove ghee if it floats on top, pat it back into the mixture.
  8. Cool this and cut, serve.

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