April 22, 2017 mixed pickle

Mixed Pickle | Indian mixed pickle recipe for UP cuisine style

This mixed pickle is very famous in UP, check out this simply awesome recipe.It is made with the vegetables. Pickle adds a flavor to our food.


  • Mixed vegetable pieces (Mango, carrot, lime, Green chili, Amba Haldar, Karonda, kerda &/or other seasonal vegetables),
  • Brine (Edible common salt,),
  • Edible vegetable oil, Spices & Condiments, & Asafoetida.

Mixed Pickle Process

  1. Cut all the veggies you are using in small pieces.
  2. Then mix them well with the spices.
  3. then add enough oil in a heavy bottom pan then add asafoetida, then add the marinated veggies, add salt to taste
  4. store this in a glass jar, heat it often under sunlight.
  5. Enjoy with rice or roti.

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