June 10, 2017 kashmiri saag

Kashmiri Saag | Kashmir cuisine | How to make Saag Recipe

From the flavor of Kashmir cuisine here is the recipe of Kashmiri Saag, all you need is some simple ingredients and your dish is ready.


  • mustard oil (7 Tbsp )
  • cardamom (3 brown )
  • Kashmiri whole chilies (10 )
  • whole garlic (25 )
  • whole spinach (250 gms )
  • Salt for taste

Kashmiri saag Process:

  1. Take a pressure cooker add mustard oil, Kashmiri whole chilies, whole garlic, brown cardamom,  whole spinach (saag), little salt and water.
  2. Now, pressure cooks it and let the spinach (saag) cook till 1 whistle.
  3. Serve the steaming hot Kashmiri Saag and enjoy.

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