August 20, 2018 Kaju Barfi | Indian Sweet Recipe

Kaju Barfi | Indian Sweet Recipe

Kaju barfi is a dessert from the Indian. Kaju barfi is also called as ‘Cashew slice’. Kaju barfi is made up of cashew. It is very tasty and easy to prepare.


  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • Ghee
  • 1 cup Cashew nuts
  • 1/4 Water
  • 1/2 tablespoon cardamom powder

How to make Kaju Barfi

  1. Take 1 cup of cashew nuts in a small jar of mixer grinder and grind until smooth powder.
  2. Heat the pan and add 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 cup sugar in a low flame.
  3. stir continuously until the sugar dissolve completely in water.
  4. Cook until syrup thick and sticky.
  5. Now reduce the flame and add cashew nut powder and 1/2 tablespoon cardamom powder.
  6. Stir mixture properly and continuously mix the mixture thickens and turn into a single lump.
  7. Take one tray and add ghee.
  8. Transfer prepared mix over tray.
  9. Roll it out thick round shape using rolling pin.
  10. Cut it using a Knife into diamond shape piece and let it cool for 10 minutes and serve it.

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