February 24, 2018 Chuttirachi

Chuttirachi | Grilled Beef | Kerala Beef Grilled Recipes

Kerala, the god’s own county has its own unique culinary twist in its cuisines. Kerala’s Chuttirachi dishes are very famous around the world, especially non-vegetarian dishes. People of Kerala truly love meat. Beef is eaten extensively in Kerala and It is one of their favorite dishes.


400 gm – Buffalo meat slices

5 gm – Chilly powder

5 gm – Ginger garlic paste

Then 5 ml – Coconut oil

2 gm – Garam Masala powder

2 gm – Black pepper powder

1 gm – Turmeric powder

Salt to taste

Let us learn how to prepare Chuttirachi or Grilled Beef

1. Take a big bowl and add all the masala ingredients and Beef slices and mix it well with the hand.

2. Marinated beef slices for more than 1 hour.

3. Now grill these slices in the oven or in the fire.

4. It should be cooked for a longer time so that the meat becomes tender and dry.

5. Once it is cooked and dry you can serve it hot.

Though this recipe is very simple and easy, this will make you craving for more. Serve it for a drink or any chilled beverage you are sure to love it. to know more about Kerala cuisine and on rest on India’s cuisines login to Master Chefu.

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