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Recipe Vegetarian Pressed Italian Sandwich

Vegetarian Pressed Italian Sandwich | International Veg Recipe

Vegetarian Pressed Italian sandwich: In general, Vegetarian pressed Italian sandwich is a festival of many types of meat. Here, we’ve opted for grilled eggplant slices, artichokes and arugula to make a fulfilling vegetarian description. Giardiniera, a type of Italian like frequently made from bell peppers, celery, carrots, cauliflower, olives, vinegar and spices, perks up the flavors […]

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Recipe Gatte Ki Sabji

Gatte Ki Sabji | How to Make Gatte Ki Sabji Ki Recipe

Gatte Ki Sabji Recipe: Gatte Ki Sabji recipe is a usual recipe from Rajasthan cuisine. These steamed gram-flour dumplings are suitable for eating in highly spiced gravy. This mouth-watering recipe will match any meal. Enjoy Gatte Ki Sabji with roti or plain rice. The gravy recipe is also vegetarian and gluten-free. Ingredients: For Gatte: 2 cups besan (gram flour) 4 Tbsp oil (canola or vegetable oil) 1 tsp salt […]

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Recipe Tirunelveli Sodhi Kuzhambu

Tirunelveli Sodhi Kuzhambu | How To Make Sodhi Kuzhambu for Lunch

Tirunelveli Sodhi Kuzhambu recipe: A Tirunelveli Sodhi Kuzhambu recipe is prepared in coconut milk gravy and cooked along with a collection of regular vegetables. It is provided along with any South Indian lunch recipe as a side saucer. Make Sodhi Kuzhambu for a particular event and serve along with Puri or Steamed Rice and Inji chutney for a delicious food. If you like this […]

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