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Recipe French-style chicken with peas and bacon

French-style chicken with peas and bacon | International Recipe

French-style chicken with peas and bacon is one of the most delicious and most famous French cuisines that is loved all over the world.  Ingredients: Rashers smoked streaky bacon, chopped – 6 boneless chicken thighs – skinless, 8 Garlic cloves, thinly sliced – 2 Spring onions, roughly chopped – 1 bunch Hot chicken stock – 300ml Frozen peas  – 250g Gem lettuce, roughly […]

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Recipe Tender-Coconut Lemon Mint

Tender-Coconut Lemon Mint | Summer drink | Refreshner

Tender-Coconut Lemon Mint is soul soothing drink.  A quick summer drink to quench your thirst. Not much to wait but let’s start!! Ingredients: Tender-coconut – 1 Mint leaves Honey – 1 Tbsp Lemon –  1 No. Tender-Coconut Lemon Mint Procedure: Break open a tender-coconut & empty the liquid into a Mug. Scrape off coconut malai (flesh) and […]

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