Recipe Dum Pukht's Galouti Kebab

Dum Pukht’s Galouti Kebab | Mutton minced | UP cuisine

Dum Pukht’s Galouti Kebab a succulent dish to taste. It can be eaten anytime! It will certainly make your mouth watery. Ingredients: minced mutton –  1/2 kg (use mutton leg or mutton shoulder, reddish in color) red chilli powder – 1/2 tsp  kebab chini powder – 1/2 tsp raw papaya paste (helps to tenderize the meat) – 1 tsp […]

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Recipe banjari gosht recipe

Banjari Gosht Recipe | Rajasthan’s Non Veg Recipe | Mutton Recipe

Rajasthan’s one of the favorite recipes is Banjari Gosht Recipe. A dish made from mutton is the very authentic flavor of Rajasthan. Do try and let me know. Ingredients: mutton – 600 gm (cleaned and cut) onions – 200 gm  whole garam masala – 50 gm  ginger-garlic paste – 80 gm  red chilli powder – 25 gm turmeric – 15 gm  coriander […]

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