Korma-E-Vakil Recipe | Uttar Pradesh Cuisine

Korma-E-Vakil is one of the authentic dishes of Uttar Pradesh. This dish is made from Mutton/Beef. This tastes delicious with steamed rice, roti, naan, etc. This is one of the very famous cuisines of Uttar Pradesh.  Try this spicy Korma which will activate your taste buds.   Ingredients Meat – cut into pieces – 1 kg  ghee – 1 cup […]

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Recipe banjari gosht recipe

Banjari Gosht Recipe | Rajasthan’s Non Veg Recipe | Mutton Recipe

Rajasthan’s one of the favorite recipes is Banjari Gosht Recipe. A dish made from mutton is the very authentic flavor of Rajasthan. Do try and let me know. Ingredients: mutton – 600 gm (cleaned and cut) onions – 200 gm  whole garam masala – 50 gm  ginger-garlic paste – 80 gm  red chilli powder – 25 gm turmeric – 15 gm  coriander […]

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