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November 22, 2017 Pateesa Recipe

Pateesa Recipe | Kashmir Cuisine | Desserts | Indian Food Recipes

Pateesa Recipe is a Kashmir Cuisine which tastes very delicious. Kids will love to eat them and you have to try this at home and let us know how it came out! Pateesa Recipe Ingredients:  besan – 100 grams  maida – 100 grams Sugar – 200 grams   ghee – 250 millilitre Nuts Cardamom powder  vinegar / glucose syrup – 1 tablespoon Instructions: Take a wide mouth pan […]

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September 23, 2017 Godumai Appam Food Recipe

Godumai Appam Food Recipe | Tamil Nadu Cuisine | Indian Cuisine

Godumai Appam Food Recipe is one of the most traditional and authentic cuisines that Tamil Nadu prepares. It tastes awesome. Ingredients Wheat flour (atta) (1 cup) Rice flour (chawal ka atta) (1 tbsp) Jaggery (gud) (3/4 cup) Banana (kela), mashed (1) Coconut (khobra), finely chopped (2 tsp) Cardamom (elaichi) powder (1/2 tsp) Clarified butter (ghee) (for deep-frying) Godumai Appam Food Recipe Method: Take […]

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